Strategies for Social Distancing


Our questions formulate our thoughts by triggering our brain to search for answers. Simply ask yourself, “what is the opportunity here?”, and your brain has to shift gears from fear and anxiety to problem solving and creativity. In asking myself this question I quickly thought of 7 ideas to increase sales and grow my business while forging stronger relationships with clients, prospects, and employees.

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Explosive Sales Growth in Real Estate

Real Estate Agents, now more than ever, should be looking for opportunities to run lean businesses. The key is focusing both your time and money in the right activities to grow your business. No to real estate agents are exactly the same, and there are several models for running a successful real estate business. Our goal is to help you find the right lead generation model for your business in order to focus your effort and investment to create the results you want. Learn the eleven lead generation techniques, and choose the two or three that are right for your business. Get a copy of Explosive Sales Growth in Real Estate on Amazon now!

11 Lead Generation Strategies

1.) Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Coaches, Managers.
2.) Read Books.
3.) Interested in growing their business.
4.) Willing to write honest, *verified* review.

What you get:

1.) Sphere of Influence
2.) Vendor Referral Network
3.) Social Media
4.) Online Leads
5.) Secondary Transactions
6.) Effective Open Houses
7.) Just Listed and Just Sold
8.) Farming
9.) FSBO (For Sale By Owner)
10.) Expired Listings
11.) Working with Investors

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