Explosive Sales Growth in Real Estate

We are accepting applicants for our Advanced Reader Team for my new book Explosive Sales Growth in Real Estate. If interested please register – http://bit.ly/2Fxn7zw

4 Things About Our Target Readers

1.) Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Coaches, Managers.
2.) Read Books.
3.) Interested in growing their business.
4.) Willing to write honest, *verified* review.

What you get:

1.) Advance Copy of the Book
2.) Opportunity to provide feedback.
3.) Access in a Private Launch Team FB Group
4.) A chance to win some cool prizes.

If interested please register – http://bit.ly/2Fxn7zw

*verified* reviews are weighted as 5 times more important than other reviews. You will receive a copy of the book in advance of the public in order to read the whole book before the launch. We just ask that, provided you find value, you purchase the book on launch day and post your honest review! I appreciate all of you, and I look forward to working with you in this launch.



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