Month: May 2017

Are Your Sales Goals Big Enough? How to Create Results through Goal-Setting

Long-Term Goals Allow You to Dream

Most people are simply not thinking big enough when setting goals. Let’s see if I can walk you through what I mean. Take a moment now to think back to what your life was like ten years ago. Really STOP! Think back. How different is your life now? How many amazing things have you accomplished in the past ten years? Think of all the obstacles you have overcome. Review all the new things you have learned. Think of all the trips you have been on. Consider all the people you have met. Imagine all the new clients. If you were asked ten years ago if you would be where you are today, would you have even thought most of those things possible or even imaginable at this point in your life?

The thing is that, in sales, we focus so much on the short-term goals. What’s our goal for the year? Are we hitting our quarterly numbers? Did we do enough top dollar producing activities this week? All of these are extremely important to us growing our business, and I am not saying that we should stop doing any of them.

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The Problem With Short Term Goals

There is, however, a problem with only thinking about our growth in the short-term. It can be hugely discouraging, and it can literally stop us from taking the required action to grow. When we fall behind on our short-term goals it is very easy to lose the commitment to the very activities that create results. Often our short-term goals are extremely high, yet our long-term vision lacks clarity and focus.

“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.”

–Bill Gates- Author of The Road Ahead

Having taught this as part of our Miracle Morning for Salespeople Live Seminar, I have watched a great number of people struggle to articulate their five-year and ten-year dreams and goals. This exercise and several others will provide fuel for your mind and spirit when you are falling short on this week’s goal and need some additional willpower. Often the one-year goal does not muster enough excitement to pull us back into action.

You can find several of these activities on Amazon in The Miracle Morning for Salespeople Companion Guide.

It will be much harder to give up on your five-year and ten-year dreams. After all, who can tell you that you cannot accomplish something in ten years? Look what you have already done in the last ten.

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