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What is your lead generation strategy?

This page is designed to help real estate agents master the eleven lead generation methods taught in Explosive Sales Growth in Real Estate. We will discuss strategies, scripts, and tools for eleven different lead generation systems to grow your real estate business.

The purpose of this web site is to help agents decide which two or three primary systems they will implement to build a business that supports the life of their dreams.

If you have not purchased a copy of the book yet, we highly suggest you order a copy now on Amazon.

Systems and Tools

Each chapter will provide a list of potential scripts, additional reading or videos, and systems or tools to simplify implementing each lead generation strategy at a mastery level. We will not recommend a specific tool, but rather educate you on your options. Not all real estate businesses are the same, and not all the systems and tools are one-size-fits-all.


1 – Mindset and Attitude
2 – Daily Success Ritual
3 – Build Your Database
4 – Know Your Market
5 – It Starts with Your Sphere
6 – Vendor Referral Network
7 – Social Media
8 – Online Leads
9 – Secondary Transactions
10 – Effective Open Houses
11 – Just Listed and Just Sold
12 – Farming
13 – FSBO (For Sale By Owner)
14 – Expired Listings
15 – Working with Investors
16 – Measure Your Return


Rock Thomas Interview: Getting the Mind Right

From Farm Boy to Financially Free

Rock Thomas inspires people for 3 decades, life coach and a self-made millionaire.

From humble beginnings that started on a farm just off the Island of Montréal, Rock Thomas rose to the top to become a self-made millionaire. He then quickly realized that financial success is just a part of something bigger. Thus, he embarked on a quest for knowledge, from the best teachers on Earth. For years, Rock traveled the world to study with Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Robert Kyiosaki and more.

With over 34 business streams of revenue Rock’s mission is to teach others how to become financially free and live an epic life on their terms.


Rock Thomas Interview: Make Lead Generation a Daily Habit

Rock Thomas shares the strategies he used to make lead generation a daily habit as well as some additional ideas on goal-setting and goal achievement.

Learn how to commit to making lead generation a daily habit and then follow through on that commitment.

Additional Reading:

We cover the basic principles of how The Miracle Morning routine will impact your business by setting the standard for the rest of your day and providing clarity and focus.

If you haven’t yet read The Miracle Morning for Salespeople, then I would strongly suggest a deeper dive into the morning routine. If you have already read the book, but you would like to take your morning ritual to the next level then work your way through the exercises in our 120-page workbook The Miracle Morning Companion Guide.

TMM4S Book Cover



Know Your Market Script

Knowing the market through researching everything that unfolds in MLS is helpful as far as having knowledge and a reference point for what is going on out there. Getting into the homes and seeing the layout, the condition, the location, and the details of the property will make you far more resourceful.

You gain a ton of credibility with online leads when you have been in the homes they are calling about. They could make assumptions about you as an agent, including that you are knowledgeable, active in the market, and have access to information they can’t gather from an online search.

Pricing In The Market Script

One of the most important elements of learning the listing side of the real estate business comes down to getting your client to agree on a price where the home will actually sell by pricing in the market.

Many homeowners will believe that their home is worth more than it actually is in today’s market. It’s easy for people to argue your opinion on price, but it’s much harder to argue with fact. Gain their agreement through the use of the right comps and an explanation of how the market determines pricing.



Sphere - Neighborhood Market Update Script

When it comes to staying in touch with our sphere of influence the number one objection I hear from most agents is that they aren’t sure what to say if they keep calling. They don’t want to bother people.

If every time you call your sphere you are just asking for business or referrals and you are not seeking ways to find value then you will always feel like you are bothering people. If you are always asking for things people will dodge your calls. When you are always coming from contribution people will be looking forward to speaking with you. What service or information can you provide?

Additional Reading:

One of my favorite books on lead generation in real estate applies to both your sphere of influence and your vendor referral network. I highly recommend reading a copy of 7L: The Seven Levels of Communication: Go From Relationships to Referrals by Michael J. Maher.

The book is a love story that lays out a plan for staying in contact with your sphere of influence and vendors by constantly seeking to add value to their lives and businesses. Michael is the founder of the Generosity Generation, and he shares tremendous value in his book on ways to build value as a connector of people.

7L Book Cover
Tools of the Trade:

Build trust, convert leads, and
rehumanize your communication 
with simple videos.

BombBomb will let you get in front of your sphere of influence with video emails allowing you to build trust faster. Your prospects and clients will be able to see you and hear your voice as if you were face to face. They can even respond via video response back to your email. BombBomb also tracks opens and click rates so you can improve your email response rate. Try BOMBBOMB to grow your business.




Lisa Chinatti Interview: How Online Leads to me from 8 to 80 to 200+ Transactions per Year

Lisa Chinatti of Chinatti Realty Group discusses her strategy for using online lead generation to drive business to her real estate team. Between 2015 and 2017, Lisa grew from a solo agent completing just 8 transactions in a year to a team of 14 agents completing over 200 transactions last year with a goal of breaking 400 transactions in 2018.

Online Lead - Property Information or Showing Request Script

Online leads are a serious change of pace for agents that are used to working only their sphere of influence. They offer a ton of upside potential since most prospects begin their search online, but they also come with some new challenges.

People have a short attention span and they are looking for immediate response and results when they start clicking buttons for more information online. Not only is your response time important, but you will need to provide them with some immediate value and build urgency to get a face-to-face appointment when the lead is qualified.

Lisa Chinatti Interview: Online Leads - Zillow vs Google vs Facebook

Listen as Lisa Chinatti breaks down their online lead conversion numbers that lead to over 200 team transactions in 2017. Lisa discusses how she increased her ad spend, how many leads they generate on a monthly basis, and her conversion rates.

Lisa also explains the difference between the leads they generate from sites like Zillow vs the online leads generated from Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.


Secondary Transactions - Open House Invite for Neighbors Around Your Listing

Your listings create tremendous opportunities to meet other potential buyers and sellers. There is no greater opportunity that getting your face out in the neighborhood and meeting the neighbors. Your listing will probably not be the only home in the neighborhood that sells this year. Whether you choose to knock on doors or make the calls is up to you. This script will work either way.

Take this opportunity to get out their and leverage your listings into additional new clients.


Open Houses - Converting Prospects to Clients at Open Houses

One of my favorite things about real estate sales is that there is no benefit to being pushy. Trying to make someone buy a home that they don’t want when they are spending a quarter of a million dollars to upwards of a million or more is just not effective. It forces agents who want to be successful to become masters at finding out exactly what the client wants and what they qualify for.

The sooner we can start that conversation and build trust by showing sincere interest in helping a client to get exactly what they want, the easy it will be to convert prospects to clients. This script helps you start that conversation at your very first introduction in an Open House.






Gary Wilson Interview: Why Working With Investors Makes Sense

Gary Wilson sold over 100 units per year without a team by working only with investor clients. Gary offers the reasoning behind his choice to focus on investors and discusses how it will help you to grow your business.

Learn how to build a lead generation system based on investors.

Gary Wilson Interview: Leverage Your Investors With Listing Letters

Gary shares a letter that helped him take over 130 listings one year by leveraging his investor clients. Listen, as Gary explains the psychology behind each line of the letter.

Also, make sure that you target specific homes that meet the criteria of your buyers. Integrity plays a major role in this lead generation strategy.

Gary Wilson Interview: Finding and Servicing Investor Clients

Learn how to find prime candidates for real estate investing who may not yet be investing in real estate or who have only dabbles, but they could invest at a higher level with professional support.

Gary suggests a package of information you can use to connect with these prospects.